Sharm ElSheikh
October 1-5, 2020

An exceptional multi-day international event in Egypt featuring the most popular fitness craze…Zumba® Fitness! Our goal is to support Egypt’s local tourism by shedding a light on our beloved country within the Zumba® world.

We hit the beach in 2018. GLAM Fam took El Gouna, the Red Sea by storm! 6 days of Sea waves, Sunshine and Zumba®. We danced all day, partied all night, ventured into the desert and dove into the deep blue…the whole shebang! In 2017 we spent 5 days on the banks of the Nile River between Luxor & Aswan while dancing with some of our favorite Zumba® presenters. We danced to great music with fun people overlooking majestic scenery and burned a ton of calories while exploring the history and beauty of Egypt like never before.









Master Classes

The first international event featuring Zumba® Fitness Master Classes in Egypt aiming to help promote local tourism. GLAM is the first of it’s kind in the Middle East and Africa regions. The first edition was held between Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan where ancient history met the most awesome workout ever!

Dance. Sail. Explore like an Egyptian! The first-ever Nile Cruise featuring Zumba® Fitness Master Classes with some of the top celebrity presenters. We will give you the Ultimate Egyptian Experience through 3 Destinations, 15 Glorious Sights, 15 Zumba® Master Classes.

Dance to great music with awesome people like you overlooking majestic scenery and chill on handpicked luxurious cruise ships. Explore the beauty of Egypt like never before.

A Dream
Come True

GLAM Getaways is a dream come true, no one can deny that Zumba® Fitness is the most popular fitness program nowadays and is still booming.

Egypt is one of the first countries in the Middle East to host Zumba® Fitness Trainings and the local Zumba® community has been growing ever since. Zumba® Parties started with tens of people back in 2010 and now there are thousands of Zumba® fans attending events.

The dream was to create a unique experience and shed light on Egypt through hosting some of the finest Zumba® presenters from around the world. We were aiming at putting Egypt and our local Zumba® community on the global map.

GLAM Getaways is the biggest Zumba® event in the Middle East hosting 15 international presenters from 12 different countries and 19 Egyptian Instructors. The experience in 2017 has been nothing less than phenomenal.

Sally Salama,
A Licensed Zumba® Instructor,
Sole Organizer, & Founder of Hadath Co.

Sally Salama, a licensed Zumba® instructor since 2011 and the Founder of Hadath Co., the sole organizer of GLAM Getaways.

Sally is a former professional Gymnast, a Fitness Activist, and an Entrepreneur. Sally has a passion for fitness & wellness, she believes in people and their willpower to turn their lives around & their ability to choose and lead a healthy lifestyle.

In 2008, she decided to leave the corporate world and start her own business in the fitness world, Fit in (women wellness center).

I stumbled upon Zumba® Fitness along the way and instantly fell in love! Never in a million years did she think she would be an instructor let alone teach Zumba®. It literally changed her as a person and continues to transform her life every day.