What does the package include?
Is transportation from Cairo included within the package?
What does soft all-inclusive mean?
What are the required documents for registration? National ID/ passport?
What are the available hotels?
Where will the presenters stay?
What are the room options/types available?
I want to book a double room, but I do not have a roommate. Can you help me secure a roommate?
Are kids allowed?
If my spouse/family member/loved one wants to come but is not interested in Zumba, are there other activities available for him/ her?
Will there be Internet connection at the hotel? Will there be Wi-Fi?
Will there be Zumba wear merchandise for sale on the cruise?
What are the destinations?
Are all classes mixed or there are ladies only classes?
How do I register?
What are the payment methods?
Are there special discounts for ZIN™ members?
Do I have to pay the full amount or can I pay monthly installments? Is there a deposit?
What is the refund policy?
Can I transfer my registration to someone else?