A professionally trained dancer with extensive experience in the field of both dance and fitness, for over 17 years. Sandra has been Instructing, teaching and training since 1998, and has been in the Dance/Fitness and performance industry since leaving College, as both Professional Dancer/Choreographer and then moved into the fitness sector. She became Zumba® Instructor in 2010 and then not long after, gained the role as a Zumba® Jammer and has been a Zumba® Education Specialist since 2014.

Sandra travels globally, training students to become Zumba Instructors and also in specialist formats and Masterclasses. She has also presented for Nike Asia and Fibo China. Sandra was the featured presenter and choreographer on the One-on-One ZIN 50 and Co-presenter on ZIN 73 Live Class. Sandra has written and presented sessions at the Zumba Instructor Convention every year since 2012 She created Urbanize, Drop It Like A Boss and the brand new session this year, The Fierce Factor. Sandra has a varied experience of many different genres – From Hip Hop, Street, Ragga, Dancehall to Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary and has successfully tied this into fitness for the last 6 years.